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Monday, 25 October 2021

how to add your business on google maps

how to add your business on google maps

When you add a enterprise to Google, it can assist carry in new clients and streams of revenue.

You can personalize your Google Business web page with hours, photos, services, and more.

When you add a place or provider region for your business, it will become searchable on Google Maps.

Adding your enterprise to Google - whether or not it is a restaurant open to the public or a hair salon run out of your domestic - is an necessary step to attain customers, make connections, and in the end develop a profitable business.

It additionally offers your enterprise an air of legitimacy, and makes it searchable by way of Google Maps.

Here's how to add your commercial enterprise to Google, and customise your enterprise page.

How to add a commercial enterprise to Google
Note that the specific sequence of steps may additionally fluctuate relying on which choices you make on every page, and what variety of enterprise web page you are creating.

1. Go to Google's My Business
Go to Google's My Business web page and log into your commercial enterprise account. Or, create a Google account for your commercial enterprise through touring the Google sign-in web page and deciding on Create account.

2. Search Your Business 
From the My Business homepage, click on Manage now and on the subsequent screen, enter your business' title into the search bar. In the drop-down underneath the search bar, pick Create a enterprise with this name.

Note: If your commercial enterprise identify and tackle seems in the drop-down already, that ability your enterprise has already been listed and you may want to declare it as your very own - if it truly is the case, pick out this choice and comply with the prompts to declare your business.

3. Enter Your Business Title

On the subsequent page, enter your Business title and Business class (such as restaurant, retail, barber shop, etc.). Then, pick out Next. You'll be capable to add extra classes later on.

how to add your business on google maps

4.Select Your Business Area

Next you may want to pick out whether or not you desire your business' area to show up on Google Maps. If you are including a restaurant or different commercial enterprise it truly is open to the public, being on Google Maps is relatively useful. But if you are simply including a small commercial enterprise run out of your house, preserving that region personal may be a right idea. Select Yes or No and hit Next. Read also: Mahindra Finance launches "Shubh Utsav"Two month unique festive Offers on Vehicles loans.

how to add your business on google maps

5. Fill out the applicable records

If you selected to add your commercial enterprise to Google Maps, the subsequent display will ask you to enter your commercial enterprise address. If you selected to maintain your specific vicinity private, then the subsequent display will ask you to enter your carrier area(s). Fill out the applicable records and choose Next.

how to add your business on google maps

6. Enter internet site

Enter the smartphone variety and internet site related with your commercial enterprise and click on Next.

how to add your business on google maps

This is an important option, as businesses that don't have a physical location won't show up in Google Maps. Read Also: Best 10 Hotel Booking App In India 2021

how to add your business on google maps

Quick tip: If you do not already have a website, you can pick out Get a free internet site based totally on your data to have Google mechanically create a internet site for you.

7. Google Business to ship you updates

On the subsequent page, select whether or not or now not you favor Google Business to ship you updates and hints for your business, and hit Next.

how to add your business on google maps

8. Enter your tackle

If you selected no longer to grant a commercial enterprise address, you may want to enter your non-public mailing tackle to confirm your business. This tackle will now not be seen to the public. Enter your tackle and hit Next, or pick out Verify later.

You can then add the locations that you serve, at a city, state, or country level.

how to add your business on google maps

9. pick out a technique to confirm your business 

Click the drop-down to pick out a technique to confirm your business. Depending on your kind of business, solely some verification strategies may additionally be handy to you. For example, you may also see Postcard by means of mail listed as the solely accessible method. Read also: Real-time GPS navigation & local suggestions for food, events, & activities

Here are all the approaches that you can confirm your identification to Google:

By mail. Google will ship a bodily postcard that consists of a verification pin, which you will then use to confirm online

By phone. Google will name you, and supply a verification code over the phone. This is solely reachable for sure businesses.

By email. Google will ship you the code over email. Again, this is solely on hand for positive businesses.

Bulk verification. If your enterprise has over 10 locations, you will have to put up an greater shape to have them all proven at once. To do this, when you click on "Get verified," click on "Chain" afterwards and enter all your info. Google will then take up to a week to procedure the request.

Instantly. If you have a Google Search Console account, and your business' internet site is established thru Search Console, you can affirm your account instantly. Some enterprise classes don't seem to be allowed to do this.

10. set up your Google My Business page

Next, you may be taken via a sequence of prompts to set up your Google My Business page. You can add your offerings and commercial enterprise hours, set messaging permissions, write a enterprise description, add photos, and declare a $100 marketing savings via Google Ads.

how to add your business on google maps

11. You can add extra information

Once you have entered all the integral records to set up your business, you will be taken to your Google My Business account web page the place you can add extra information, like a commercial enterprise emblem and co-managers.

how to add your business on google maps

12. Google My Business Dashboard

Once you have performed your list you will have get admission to to your Google My Business dashboard. From right here you can replace your commercial enterprise details, add opening hours, images/photos, your enterprise description, any sub-categories that your commercial enterprise falls into and a good deal more.

how to add your business on google maps

13. How to affirm your Google My Business account

You ought to affirm your Google My Business account in order to good control it, which can be carried out through getting into a code that will be despatched to the enterprise tackle in a postcard.

how to add your business on google maps

14. The quit result

Once your account is up and going for walks you will acquire a affirmation email. Your clients can now locate your commercial enterprise throughout Google.

how to add your business on google maps

15. Bonus Step: Bing Places

To similarly make bigger your visibility you can import your Google My Business important points into Bing Places. This is Bing's equal to Google My Business, permitting your enterprise to exhibit up in Bing Maps as nicely as Bing's neighborhood search results.

how to add your business on google maps

You can additionally sync your Bing Places account to make sure any modifications made to your Google My Business checklist are additionally up to date in Bing. 

how to add your business on google maps

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Download ICE Mind Map & Build Effective Study Habits

Download ICE Mind Map & Build Effective Study Habits

Mind maps are the perfect tool for students. Unfortunately, most students find mind mapping when looking for study hacks as they cram for a final exam. While mind mapping can provide immediate benefits for learning and recollection when studying, it’s best to foster a mind mapping habit throughout the year. This will help students tackle daily classes and assignments while feeling prepared and confident when exam time comes around. This article explores some of the key ways that mind mapping can support and enable students of all ages! 

Why Mind Mapping for Students?

Mind mapping is a visual, branching diagram that is used to capture ideas and information. For students, mind mapping provides a flexible canvas for note taking, paper planning, and studying. The process of mind mapping allows students to

  • visualize ideas and concepts,
  • brainstorm effectively with classmates,
  • outline research documents and papers,
  • improve note taking and knowledge management, and
  • develop critical thinking skills.

Note Taking

Capturing notes in a mind map is a fantastic way to keep structured and well-organized ideas during a lecture. And, when you’re ready to study, it’s easy to develop the concepts further.

Effective mind mapping is about capturing keywords and essential information, not writing long perfect sentences. That’s why it is far easier to keep up with note-taking in a lesson using a mind map. You only capture a few words at a time without worrying about grammar or sentence structure, only essential information. You’ll be amazed at how much your brain remembers when you come to look back on these mind maps because every piece of information on your map is connected in context to other topics. This helps you make sense of things quickly and easily.

Using mind map software for your classroom note taking also means you benefit from creating adaptable and easy-to-edit notes. With mind mapping software, you can move information around a canvas in ways that make the most sense to you. Traditional linear note-taking usually means trying to capture everything you hear in the order that you hear it. This can result in related information being disconnected in your notes. Linear note-taking makes it hard to clearly show when something discussed at the start of a lesson relates to something addressed at the very end of a lesson.

With mind mapping software, understanding the relationship between ideas is never a problem. If you realize that a particular topic is related to something else, you can move that entire branch to the relevant area on the map. Alternatively, you can draw visual connections between topics to highlight related information clearly. 

Finally, the use of images and icons within a mind map can highlight the essential pieces of information. They also provide small reminders or prompts about topics that you might need help with or need to research further once the lesson is over. 

Knowledge Mapping

Education is all about building knowledge. From class lectures, readings, and assignments, you are acquiring a more holistic view of a topic. And, the notes you take in class provide the ideal foundation to further build your knowledge of a topic. After class, review your mind map, then add, edit and connect the information to make a more complete picture of the subject. 

Using mind map software makes it easy for you to re-organize your notes or sections of your notes in ways that might be more logical when you review. You can also add additional information from assignments or readings. When it’s time to review, add icons to help you see where perhaps you are missing knowledge or have questions.

With a mind map, you can visually see areas that are less developed. This may prompt you to explore whether more information should be added. You can create a powerful knowledge map with mind map software by adding website links, attaching documents, and more. You are able to add greater depth to the topic without cluttering the view of the map.

Written Assignments

When it comes to written assignments, you may not spend enough time planning. It’s tempting to jump straight into the writing. But if you spend just a few minutes building out the skeleton outline of your assignment, you will improve the structure of your written work. And, you will waste less time editing and re-writing later on.

A mind map can help you conceptualize the entire piece before you start writing. It will give you a much better sense of how the parts fit together and if each section flows logically into the next. Using the mind map to sketch out what key ideas you plan to include in each section will also help you to see whether you have covered all the necessary items needed in your work.

In addition, mind mapping software can even export this structure (and all your ideas) directly into a Word document so that you can immediately switch into writing mode. When you’re ready, simply flesh out the skeleton plan you developed in the mind map. Think of the mind map as your research, thinking, and planning tool, and MS Word (or equivalent) as your final editing and printing tool! 

Exam Preparation

Build mind mapping into a daily study routine and you’ll be ready for any exam. Capture notes in mind maps during classes, build knowledge maps and develop written assignment plans in mind maps. With every map created, you’re laying the groundwork for success. When your exam rolls around, you will arrive exceptionally well equipped and feeling more confident.

Rather than trying to find notes from different classes and hoping to understand how they connect, you now have a connected set of knowledge maps that you’ve built over the year. Each map contains clear visual cues to help you see which information is most critical, most challenging, and where you may need to spend some extra time. The structure and simplicity of a mind map means you are less likely to feel overwhelmed by large chunks of text and can review the information in a better state of mind. You can continue to develop and update them as required. 

Start Mind Mapping Today!

It’s never too late to use mind mapping in your studies. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll experience the benefits! If you start building mind mapping into your study routines, you’ll quickly find your work less stressful and exams less daunting. So, what are you waiting for?

For additional tips and to see how others have used mind mapping in their studies, the following resources may be helpful: 

  • Biggerplate Collection: MindMeister for Students
  • 15 Creative Mind Map Examples for Students
  • Visual Learning with Mind Mapping (Guide)
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Monday, 18 October 2021

Invest in bluechip funds, giving a return of 64% in the last 1 year

Invest in bluechip funds, giving a return of 64% in the last 1 year

If you are looking for a place to invest these days where you can get a good return with low risk then you can start investing in mutual fund bluechip funds. Bluechip funds have returned 64% in the last 1 year. Today we are telling you about Bluechip Fund so that you too can make a profit by investing in it.

What is a Bluechip Fund?

They are large-cap mutual funds. However, some large-cap mutual funds have also attached bluechips to their names. Such as, Axis Bluechip Fund, ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund, SBI Bluechip Fund, Kotak Bluechip Fund or Franklin Bluechip Fund. Apart from that, Mira Asset Emerging Bluechip Funds from the Large and Mid Cap segment are Principal Emerging Bluechip Funds.

It carries less risk

Bluechip companies are companies that are very large in size and have a strong financial position. It is believed that their stocks have low volatility, so investing in them is less likely to result in losses, especially in the long run.

Large cap mutual fund schemes are required to invest at least 80% of the funds collected from investors in the top 100 companies. Bluechip funds are advised to invest in those investors who want to enter the stock market with less risk..

It is worth investing in for a long time

According to Pankaj Mathpal, a personal finance expert and founder and CEO of Optima Money Managers, investing in these schemes should be done with a time period of at least 5 years. One thing to keep in mind is that short-term stock market fluctuations can have a greater impact on your investment while in the long run the risk is lower.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

With BLUECHIP MF PORTFOLIO App, you can get several views of your portfolio which will not only keep you abreast about its latest status, but also help you making important decisions for investment re-balancing, profit booking or stopping loss.

Here are some of the many features of theBLUECHIP MF PORTFOLIO App:

• Get a summary view of the current status of your investments across asset classes

• Get a summary view of the insurance cover of all members in your family

• Drill down to full detail

• View Upcoming portfolio events

• Get alerts about your important events such as life insurance premium due, general insurance renewals, SIP due, FMP maturity, etc.

• Buy / Redeem / Switch Mutual Funds online from any AMC

• Get best in the class MF advisory

• Raise a service ticket to your advisor

• Host of useful financial calculators to help you plan your short term and long term financial goals

• Digital Vault – access your important documents anytime from your Smartphone

• Provides coverage of all major General Insurance sections such as Health, Motor, Fire etc.

• Track small saving investments like PPF, NSC, KVP, FD, RD etc.

• Maintain your investments in Stocks, Bonds, Bullion, Commodities etc

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Sunday, 17 October 2021

Natural remedies to relieve constipation read all information

Natural remedies to relieve constipation read all information

We call it constipation because we do not have regular bowel movements every day. But in terms of health, after proper digestion and absorption of food, the complete elimination of feces which is unnecessary for the body without any physical exertion is called natural defecation. Constipation is when the stool is active every day but in the meanwhile the abdominal muscles have to be pressed, the stool has to be emptied completely at the beginning or end of the stool activity. If the structure of the stool is very hard or lumps form, it may take some time for the stool to protrude. Is this why only daily bowel movements are done to diagnose constipation? Not so much just seen. It is important to know whether the feces that can be pushed out of the body move at the right time, completely and easily with natural impulses.

The way the body feels its natural sensations of hunger and thirst. In the same way, after the digestion and nourishment of food, the impulse for excretion of unnecessary excrement is also felt naturally and it is necessary for health not to stop the excretion of excrement.

Among the various causes of Ayurveda, Ayurveda also considers the cessation of hunger, thirst, sneezing, sneezing, fecal-urinary activity, etc., which are sent by nature, to be stopped. Inhibition of velocity interferes with the multi-dimensional biochemical processes that take place in the coordination of the various organs of the body. Whose side effects cause diseases. That is why if time is lost, the speed of defecation is also stopped as a result of engaging in other physical and mental activities, it has a side effect on various functions of the digestive system. Sending children to school-college early in the morning, women rushing to the office or business after finishing their housework, neglecting the sensations required for defecation by the body due to embarrassment, time constraints are also seen to have side effects on the regularity of defecation.

Causes of constipation

The causes of constipation can be divided into three main sections.
Reasons for fecal communication:
Foods are low in fiber and essential nutrients, low in liquid foods and water, and have side effects of antidepressants, painkillers, intestinal obstruction, obstruction, and the passage of feces easily due to cancer or other diseases.

Causes of pulse signaling:

Intestinal flooding depends on the nerves connected to it. Impaired impulse is experienced in diseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis. As mentioned earlier, the natural impulse of defecation is not felt due to busyness, stress, inattention in other activities.

Constipation is also caused by the effect of weakness, weakness of the muscles of the pelvic area. Due to the weakness of the muscles used to fully activate the stool from the rectum, the stool remains in the rectum even after defecation. The stomach is not cleansed properly, the stomach feels like a load. 

Knowing all these causes, try to find out which of them are responsible for constipation or incomplete bowel movements. Adopt a few easy-to-adopt remedial therapies regularly. Do not ignore constipation.

Remedies for constipation:

Regularity in bowel movements - For activation - Increase the amount of green leafy, fibrous vegetables in the diet, including fenugreek-spinach-tandajjo-sargwana leaf-bathing vegetables at regular intervals. In addition to wheat, rice, lentils, include peeled beans or grown beans, salad, papaya-chiku-banana. Eat fresh, hot food at regular intervals both times. Add liquid foods like lentils, soups, curries, rasam to the diet. Drink thinly sliced ​​buttermilk with roasted cumin.

Eat fresh seasonal fruits like almonds, dates and oily-fiber natural fruits by removing raisins, biscuits, pizza, bakery items from breakfast.

The fiber and digestive properties of fruits like banana-chiku-papaya, pear, pineapple cure constipation.


Don't just rely on laxatives or tablets to relieve constipation. In addition to including the right food and drink in the diet, the muscles of the pelvic area, especially the muscles of the waist, hips and legs, should be exercised to ensure proper blood circulation and activation. Sedentary life has many side effects for consultants, employees, traders, students who sit longer. Adoption of exercise in daily life including walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, gym as per convenience can increase muscle health, activity and get rid of constipation without medication.

Performing yogas like Pavanmuktasana, Shashankasana, Paschimottasana etc. with proper guidance has a massage-like effect on the abdominal muscles and abdominal organs. So that the activity of the digestive system increases.

It is necessary to maintain regularity in digestion. But don't avoid it whenever you feel the urge to defecate.

Experience achieved:

Drink 1 to 2 glasses of lukewarm hot water on an empty stomach in the morning.
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Ayurveda remedies for kidney stones


Ayurveda remedies for kidney stones 

  • read more informationGetting Sindhav-salt in lemon juice 
  • drinking it standing up dissolves the stones.

Calculus is an important kidney disease seen in many patients. Stones can cause excruciating pain but many patients do not have any discomfort despite having stones.

In some patients, stones can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney damage if not treated in time. It is very common to have stones once and for all. So it is important to know about stones and how to prevent them.

What is a stone?

Calcium oxalate or crystals in the urine combine with each other to form a hard substance in the urethra in the long run, known as stones.

What are the stones? What does it look like? Where is it found in the urethra?

Stones in the urethra vary in size, from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a ball. Some stones are round or elliptical and smooth on the outside. This type of stone is less painful and can be easily excreted naturally through urine.

Adding Sindhav-salt in cow's milk whey and drinking it daily in the morning for 215 days, the stones are excreted through urine and it is relaxed.

Licking the powder of gokharu in honey dissolves the stones.
A fine bowl of boron is crushed with water and the stone is crushed and excreted in the urine.

Getting lemon juice in coconut water and drinking it every morning removes stones.

Drinking karela juice with buttermilk removes stones.

Extracting the juice of radish leaves, adding surokhar in it, drinking it daily dissolves stones.

Soaking 20 grams of kal at night, masali in the morning, straining the water in the morning every day removes stones.

Making a soup of kalthi and drinking it with a pinch of salt dissolves the stones and the terrible pain caused by the stones disappears.
Take four tolas of radish seeds and boil them in half a share of water. When half of the water is left, the stones are dissolved by drinking the extracted water.

Boil wheat and chickpeas together, add a pinch of sorghum to it and drink 

Take five tolas of buddy milk (milk) leaves and five tolas of henna leaves. Drink. Do not panic if the urine turns red. On the third day, the stones will be finely powdered and excreted in the urine.

Eating 50 gms of onion juice mixed with 50 gms of sugar cane breaks down the stones and is excreted in the urine.
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