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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

50 Crore Indians Will Get Visakarma Account, 10 Benefits With Pensions

50 Crore Indians Will Get Visakarma Account, 10 Benefits With Pensions

  • Modi Government has created a Personal Social Security Scheme to provide 50 crore works to all social security benefits, including Provident Fund and Pension. Under this scheme, the government will open 50 crore works of Vishwakarma account. Through this account 50 million people will get 10 social security benefits including pension. 
  • There will be almost every Indian cover doing any work in this scheme. That is, in the coming days the government will ensure PF and pension facilities for all the workers. 
  • The Modi government has drafted this scheme and will start the process of consultation with all stakeholders on the scheme for the next month

How To Open Vishwakarma Account

  • Under this scheme, if a worker works in a company, then it will be the responsibility of the company or the organization to open Vishwakarma Karmic Security Account of the worker's social security account at a particular time. 
  • If a company or colonizer's account is not opened in a fixed time, then the worker can open his own account. The government will arrange separately for this. Apart from this, if someone does his own work, he can also open his own account. 
  • This account of the worker will be portable. This means that someone is working in Delhi and its World Bank account has been opened and later it works in West Bengal and will not need to open a new Vishwakarma account. 
  • The previously opened Vishwakarma account will work only.

Works Will Be Separate Categories

  • The government will divide these 50 crore works into different categories on social-economic basis. Those who have weak socio-economic support, they will not have to do any contributions to Vishwakarma account. 
  • They will make full contribution to other social security benefits, including PF, pensions. When works of which income will be so much that Vishwakarma can contribute to the account. 
  • They will have to contribute to the Social Security Benefit in the Vishwakarma account. It may be from 12.5% ​​to 20% of sales or leisure sales.

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