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Saturday, 24 October 2020

CoVID – 19 Press List Barely: 20 Department of Health and Family Welfare,

CoVID – 19 Press List Barely: 20 Department of Health and Family Welfare,

To date, a total of 2,8,8 persons have been quarantined in different districts of the state out of which 2,8,8 persons are home quarantine.

 And 3 persons have been kept in facility quarantine.

 The total number of patients in the state at present is as follows.

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 93, € 99







 A total of 06 tragic deaths have been reported in the state today due to David-12.  Whose details

 Global pandemic: cavid-18

 The state government is constantly striving to curb the growing coronary transition

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 As a result of the result oriented work of the health department in the state

 So far, a total of 1,2,9 patients from Rajyabha 5 have been given corona

 Fifty-six dozen Dorona tests were conducted in the state today: So far, fifty-six, eighty-three Dorona tests have been conducted across the state.

The state government is making continuous efforts to prevent the transmission of corona in the state.  As a result of intensive efforts by the state government, the incidence of coronavirus infection is gradually declining.  Today, a total of 1,091 cases have been registered in various districts of the state.  

Today, 1,018 patients have recovered from the corona and returned to their homes.  So far, a total of 1,2,9 patients in the state have recovered.  The state is recovering.  In the same way, Corona's tertiary capacity has also been increased.  Today, a total of 8,050 tests have been conducted in the state.  So far, a total of 53,91,9 teratos have been done in the state.

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