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Wednesday, 23 June 2021



Tum Concept of Education Study - An Understanding - Dr. The study of Darshana Joshi is a lifelong process. In the present article, Dr. Darshana Joshi, Project Officer, GCERT, gives an insight into the concept and characteristics of study, the understanding of which will be useful during the subject teacher in the classroom, what is study?

Study within the boundaries of the class | Experiences are not a process that plays a major role in shaping behavior. Study is anywhere, no | playing . Learning happens only when experienced and also happens on time and by anyone.

It is the Indian who brings about change and that is what happens when there are instances in the literature where people have learned from trees, mountains, people themselves, inter-rivers, insects, etc. with the environment around them. That means | Processes.

The way a child tries to go and catch a lamp is to learn, which is possible anywhere. Does normal. But as long as he does not feel the warmth in the way, through the experiences, exercises and efforts in the behavior. Study as a process of change - Definition of learning Study is a process.

The results of this process are given. Certain types of changes in a person's behavior in the form of what we do are based on what we have learned and how we have learned. Comes, which we have as the product or conclusion of the study, the study shapes our behavior and personality | Recognize.

Study is the nature of man. Given, it is an important part of our lives. Study has a very important place in psychology. Study is a set of experiences. Through which a person makes a permanent change in his daily activities of our life like eating-drinking, his behavior, through study

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