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Monday, 4 October 2021

Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal丨Registration and login

 Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal : Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal Finding work has definitely been a source of the concern among our country’s citizens in recent years. Therefore, The Gujarat Government has create a fantastic platform called Anubandham Rojgar Portal for the youth and working class people. Currently, over 27,482 employers and 2,05,002 applicants have record themselves on this platform, with over 33445 people getting posted at various jobs. 

Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal丨Registration and login

This site has been created specifically for job searchers by the Gujarat Government’s labour and employment department. After registering themselves, this portal permits job seekers to search for jobs. Moving on, we have mentioned all the necessary information you will be require for getting yourself booking ad benefiting from this website.

Wat Is Anubandham Rojgar Portal ?

Anubandham Rojgar Portl is an initiative taken by the government of Gujarat for the Job seekers. It work like a bridge and connects Job Applicants and Job Providers at one location. This portal deliver jobs based on the applier skills and proclivity. management and quick listing.

Essential Elements and Steps of Anubandham Rojgar Portal

Now that you know what Anubandham Rojgar Portal is, let’s take a look at all of the portal’s essential information and process.

Before you begin, review the following steps to have a better knowledge of the Anubandham Website.

  1. Navigate to the portal.
  2. Sign up / Registration
  3. To get access to the site, enter your username and password.
  4. Set / Edit the Job Seeker’s profile.
  5. Look for Work.
  6. Apply For Work
  7. Give Interview
  8. Preference For The Position.
  9. Take part in the employment fair.
  10. Change the password if necessary.

How to Register for the Anubandham Portal ?

In this section, we will go over the Anubandham Portal Registration Process. Follow these procedures to register for this job search portal.

  • Visit the official website of Anubandham Portal The will be a “Registration” option at the top.
  • You will find the “Job Seeker” Option by selecting the “Registration” tab.
  • Enter your mobile number and email address to access the “Job Seeker”
  • To receive the urgent notification, you’ll need an email address.
  • Then a form will appear for inputting the mobile number.
  • Press the “Next” button. Afterwards, You will receive an OTP on the specified cell phone number.
  • Enter the OTP into the portal to receive the Common application form.
  • To move forward with the application, you will need to fill in the following information : First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, City, Pin Code, State and District.
  • After you’ve completed all of these steps, select the “Next” option.
  • The application titled “Registration” will now display. Here you must provide a Unique ID Type, a Unique ID Number, Details for Login and a Phone Number.
  • You can do the registration via a phone number or even with an email address also.
  • After that, establish a strong password and double-check it.
  • Then press the “Submit” Button. Your registration will end successfully after that.

How to Edit Candidate Profile On ?

Follow the given steps to edit your profile on

  • When you are ready to make changes to your profile, select the option “edit.” The Profile will be open up right in front of a you.
  • Now, you will be need to fill in some detail out of which some will be auto filled including, your first name, last name, middle name, phone number, email address, Unique ID type and Unique ID Number. You will be need to add the following slots manually : your photograph, gender, date of birth, cast, employment status and language skills.
  • The address is already present in the address bar of the application Form : you will be have to fill in the city, pin code, town / village, state and district.
  • The details of your educational proviso are the next crucial stage. All educational data, counting teaching or any couching , must be contained in this form. The most recent cultured effort , Subject matter ability , diploma or other documents , board / University, Grade / Marks, Passing year, the title of the course and name of the close .
  • Select the “Next” Option. Its now your time to proper the applicant’s employment status. If they are currently employed, it should always  be note here, beside with specifics.
  • On this page, you must recount your current job, the industry in which your work, the application area, the employer’s name, the job grading , the company or organization’s name, You always  need to comprise the date of enlistment, your current job role and workplace location, your current salary, and your motivation for the quitting your job.
  • The next step will be measuring the physical aspects of the candidates, including their height, weight, detriment, if yes, then provide a proof , quantity of the certificate and the authority by which they got approved.
  • You’ve reached the last phase of the booking process, winch covers your choice work location, job kind, and projected pay.

Important Details of the Anubandham Portal 

  • Official Website :
  • Official Website : PlayStore Click Here
  • Employment Cell Number : 63-57-390-390
  • Employment Cell Address : Block No. 1 3rd Floor, Dr Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat -382010


The Gujarat Government has been taken this great effort to boost employment across the state. It is advisable for the all job seekers to go and booking themselves on Anubandham Rojgar Porta.

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