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Monday, 18 July 2022

First undersea Bullet Train in India: Features and Facilities

 First undersea Bullet Train in India: Features and Facilities

India's first bullet train will run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and it will be take about two hours and seven minutes to cover the distance. The Indian Railway will be provide different facilities in a bullet train for the first time. Let us find out the features and material that will be provided in the bullet train.
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First Bullet Train in India
First Bullet Train in India

India's first pellet train will run from Mumbai and Ahmedabad with a thrilling experience of the travelling undersea. This design is anticipated to be finish by 2023. The maximum plan speed of the pellet train will be 350 km per hour and the maximum headline speed will be 320 km per hour. It is believed that the pellet train in the India will take about two hours and seven twinkles to cover 508 kilometers between Mumbai and Ahmedabad with nearly 12 stations.

Facilities and Features of first Bullet Train in India

Features and Facility of Bullet train

1. The specialty of the Bullet train is that there will be material for breast-feeding for women and proper presentation for sick passengers.
2. Changing rooms for the babies, which will be carry baby toilet seats, arrangements for the diaper disposal and a low-raised lagoon for the children will be available.
3. Apart from this, it will be equipped with a new range of toilet systems involve urinals, western-style toilets with warm water.
4. Washing closet seat facility and separate washrooms for the men and women with three mirrors for the make-up.

5. It will be have a seating capacity of the about 731 passengers.
6. For the wheelchair-bound passengers, there will be two extra-open toilets.
7. Among seat availability in a bullet train, there will be around 698 seats for the standard classes and around 55 for the business class passengers.
8. In the different coaches toilet and toilet facilities will be installed and in similar manner restrooms for men and women will be allow.

First Bullet train in India will also run undersea

Bullet train will also dive under sea

Not only this, travelers will be always  get an exciting opportunity to ride undersea that is in the Arabian Sea while travelling in the country's first bullet train. In the 508-km-long Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor,  tunnel of 21 km is under the water .

More about India's first Bullet Train

When construction of Bullet train started

Source: WWW. images. Indian express. com
According to PIB, India's first bullet train services between Mumbai to Ahmedabad will be fixed by the +December in 2023. It will be like Japan's 25 E-5 Shinkansen series with 731 room . E-5 Shinkasan Bullet Train is a new creation Japanese high-speed train. The belive cost of the project is about Rs.1,08,000 crore-entire corridor formal for safety and land economy and 81% of the project cost by Japanese soft loan at 0.1%per annum with repayment period 50 years–counting a grace period of 15 years. Total 12 stations, of a which 4 are in Maharashtra and 8 in Gujarat will be covered in 2 hours long journey via bullet train. These stations build Bandra Kurla intricate in Mumbai, Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad, and Sabarmati.

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