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Friday, 1 July 2022

Mobizen Live Stream to YouTube APK

First came video, then came live. How usually have you been on Facebook or Instagram and seen the little “Live” notification pop up? Live spill has become a really popular way to share live events, company giving and behind the scenes footage as things happens.

But did you know you can always  create live slide on YouTube? In this guide we’ll look at how to go live on YouTube with the  mobile and desktop apps and how to set up your dashboard in a viewer-friendly fashion.

Apps and encoding software for YouTube Live

To live stream on YouTube desktop or mobile (if you have less than 100 subscribers) you will be need extra encoding software. This is used to capture what your camera sees, what your microphone hears and and what your desktop shows, to send out to your viewers.

Luckily, there are lots of apps to do this. You can see Google’s full list of the verified encoders for the YouTube Live here. The benefit of using a verified live app is that they are already paired with YouTube live. So you can log in with your Google account and the encoder will be setup and ready to go without you doing anything.

Start your YouTube Live Stream in one click!


Mobizen Live is the simple way to stream content to YouTube.

  • Game Live(Screen), Camera Live(Vlogging) Broadcasting Available
  • Real-time Chatting, Facecam Supported
  • Full HD Live Broadcast: 1080p, 60fps

Feel the thrill of having an interactive live broadcast today!

Mobizen Live Supported Features

  • Max FULL HD 1080p object and 60 frames per second (60fps)
  • Stream from anywhere without interruptions
  • Stream your Mobile Screen or Camera
  • Private and Public Live Broadcasting Settings
  • Turn on/off your Face cam during Broadcast
  • Hide and Expose the Chatting Box

Start Broadcasting Easily with just your Phone

  • Stream any Mobile Game through Mobile Screen Broadcasting to YouTube.
  • Vlogging, Hot Issues, Eating Shows can be Broadcasting through Live Camera Streaming.

Chat with your Viewers in Real Time!

  • Have dramatic Live converse and Chatting with Viewers.
  • strew to People around the World!
  • Share your Stream’s Link and Promote your report .
  • distinctly report this Moment through your Face cam and Front Camera.
  • report Privately for only your Close Friends to see.

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