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Monday, 8 August 2022

Eat these 11 things to gain weight, the effect will be visible

 Eat these 11 things to gain weight, the effect will be visible

Just as obesity and increased weight are big problems, similarly many people have to face the problem of underweight. Due to being underweight, people not only make fun of him, apart from this he also seems to be a patient of malnutrition.

But do not panic, there are some home methods through which you will gain weight in a few months, that is, your weight will increase.

home ways to gain weight



Include potatoes in your regular diet. Potatoes contain carbohydrates and complex sugars which help in gaining weight. For this, you can eat potatoes in any way, but try not to fry them too much.


Eating ghee will also increase your weight as it contains a good amount of saturated fats and calories. You can eat ghee by adding it to food or you can eat it by mixing it with sugar, but keep in mind that the quantity of ghee should be limited.


Eat a handful of raisins daily throughout the day. By doing this your weight will increase rapidly. Apart from this, if you eat raisins and figs in equal parts, after soaking them overnight, then they will also increase the weight.


Eggs are rich in fat and calories, and if you consume it daily, you will gain weight, but keep in mind that do not forget to eat raw eggs, it can cause serious health problems.


The best way to gain weight is to eat bananas. If you consume bananas daily, then the weight will definitely increase. Bananas are rich in calories, which not only give energy to the body but also help in increasing weight. You can also eat banana with milk, apart from this, you can also take banana shake by making it.


Almonds are also effective in increasing weight to a great extent. For this, soak 3-4 almonds in water overnight and grind it the next day and drink it after mixing it in milk. Do this daily for a month, the effect will be visible.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter ie peanut butter can also increase weight. You can eat it in any way, like by applying it on bread or with roti. Peanut butter is not only high in calories, but it is also rich in carbohydrates.

Enough Sleep

People do not see sleep associated with weight gain and even if it is said that getting enough sleep leads to weight gain, then they will consider it a joke, while it is true. When people will get enough sleep i.e. at least 8 hours of sleep, then their body will get rest and when they get rest, whatever they eat will definitely show its effect on their body.

Eating nuts such as peanuts or dry fruits with milk will also increase weight, but keep in mind that all this is in a limited amount. It should not happen that in the pursuit of gaining weight, you may adopt more diseases in your body.


Apart from beans and beans, eating kidney beans and pulses will also increase weight. Lyma beans and soybeans are more effective in this, so it is important that you definitely eat them in one form or the other. In addition to carbohydrates and calories, beans are also rich in fiber and all these elements help in increasing weight.


By drinking pomegranate juice daily, weight increases rapidly.

Chickpeas and Dates

If thin people eat dates with gram, then they gain weight very quickly.

walnuts and honey

Eating raisins mixed with milk also increases weight. Apart from this, if honey is eaten mixed with walnuts, then thin people will soon become fat.

Don't do these things to be fat

Many people eat junk food fiercely in order to gain weight, while this is not right. Do not eat junk food at all. Apart from this, do not eat anything that is not digested.

Apart from this, many people also take medicines and protein supplements to increase obesity or to gain weight, but it is dangerous in terms of health. You will definitely gain weight with medicines, but after this, the problems that will arise in the future, the side effects will not be good.

pay attention 

Gaining weight is not an easy task and there is no fixed way to do it. In some people obesity or underweight is genetic, so if weight is not increasing even through these methods, then do not force and contact the doctor. It is necessary that if the above mentioned measures are done regularly then it will definitely be beneficial.

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