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Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Follow these great tricks to remove duct tape, marks will be clear in minutes

 Follow these great tricks to remove duct tape, marks will be clear in minutes

Everyone must have used tape for some work or the other. Especially for sticking things, after fevicol, only tape is used the most. After pasting the tape, it is quite easy to get rid of the normal tape. Duct tape is difficult to remove. In such a situation, with some tricks, you can remove the duct tape completely. Where things are easier to stick with duct tape. At the same time, once it is glued, the duct tape does not come off completely and some part of it remains sticking. In such a situation, the use of some home remedies can be very helpful for you. We are telling you about some easy ways to remove duct tape.

How to remove duct tape from glass

To get rid of duct tape on glass, first apply rubbing alcohol on top of the tape. Now leave it for a while. After this, the tape will be easily removed by rubbing it in circular motion with a soft cloth. At the same time, to erase the traces of duct tape on the glass, you can rub it with warm water and soap.

How to remove duct tape from plastic

You can use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove duct tape from plastic. But there is also the fear of spoiling the plastic due to this. In this case, the use of vegetable oil or olive oil is best. For this, leave oil on the tape. After some time, rubbing with a soft cloth will remove the tape immediately.

Tips for Removing Duct Tape from Fabric

The use of hand sanitizer can be a good option to remove the duct tape on clothes. For this, put the hand sanitizer on the tape on the cloth. Then rub the taped area with a soft cloth. This will easily remove the tape from the fabric.

How to remove tape from leather

Hot water and soap will be needed to remove duct tape from leather items. For this, mix soap in hot water and apply it on the tapered area. After some time, rubbing with a dry cloth will remove the stain of the tape. Do not forget to apply leather conditioner after the stain is removed.

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