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Saturday, 10 September 2022

Try these hacks to give volume to sticky hair

 Try these hacks to give volume to sticky hair

There is more moisture in the rainy season, due to which the hair starts feeling oily soon after washing the hair. Oily and sticky hair looks bad and dirty, in which problems like itching also start due to sweating. Washing hair everyday with shampoo takes a lot of time, so it is difficult to wash and dry the hair every day. Shampooing the hair everyday can make the hair weak and lifeless. Many girls use dry shampoo to avoid the stickiness of oily hair, but today we bring you some interesting hacks that you can try to give instant volume to hair.

Try these hacks to give volume to your hair:

Baby powder:

Baby powder can be used to fix sticky hair just like dry shampoo. Sprinkle baby powder on oily hair and leave it for some time by rubbing it with the tips of the fingers, by doing this immediately the oil will be reduced from the hair and the hair will get volume.

Mini Blow Out:

Oily hair tends to feel very light and sticky, you can blow dry the hair to remove the greasiness of the hair. Blow drying the hair gives instant volume and makes hair look less oily

Style your hair with a scarf:

On the day when the hair looks oily and sticky, you can style the hair with the help of a scarf. You can style the hair by leaving the hair open and tying a scarf on the front section of the hair, this will cover your oily hair under the scarf and this hairstyle can look quite attractive.

Blotting Paper:

Blotting paper can be used to remove extra oil from the hair, which takes very little time to do. Section the hair and rub the blotting paper on the scalp.

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