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Thursday, 22 September 2022

World Rose Day 2022: Why celebrate 'World Rose Day', why it is special for cancer patients

 World Rose Day 2022: Why celebrate 'World Rose Day', why it is special for cancer patients

World Rose Day 2022: World Rose Day is celebrated every year on 22nd September. This Rose Day is celebrated in a very different way from the Rose Day that falls in February. Also, the reason behind celebrating it is also very special and different. World Rose Day is also celebrated in memory of 12 years old cancer victim Melinda Rose from Canada. Cancer survivor Melinda shared a lot of happiness around her in the last 6 months of her life.

In 1994, at the age of just 12, Melinda Rose was diagnosed with blood cancer. He was treated a lot. But during that time the treatment of cancer was almost impossible. The doctors raised their hands. During the treatment, the doctors had said that Melinda Rose would not be able to live for more than a week. This time was very difficult. But little Melinda did not give up hope of living and did not give up. The girl proved the doctors wrong with her courage. 

Melinda lived for 6 months and became an example to the world. With her hope and enthusiasm, Melinda has done what no one might have done. However, after 6 months he took farewell from the world. While alive, he wrote many poems and letters. For 6 months, Melinda used to give daily to cancer patients around her. Tried to keep them happy. 

Rose to the 'cancer patient'

On this day, patients fighting cancer are given the hope of living by giving daily. Their spirits are boosted. Only the patient can understand how painful the treatment of cancer is. On the day of 'World Rose Day', a cancer patient is given a rose to give strength to fight a deadly disease like cancer. By giving roses to cancer victims, an attempt is made to give the message that cancer is not the end of life.

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